Hey There!

Buffalo Buffalo is what happens when the two of us, Tré and Matthew Jorgensen, decide to do some work together when we aren’t plugging away at our day jobs.

Tré is Director of Design at 16” On Center, a Chicago based hospitality collective. She loves her cats, popcorn, and sunshine. Tré is systems-minded, extremely organized, and a crafter of mighty to-do lists. Matthew envies these qualities.

Matthew is a designer at Field Notes Brand, a notebook company. He loves his cats (they’re the same as Tré’s), hockey, and snow. Matthew is a non-linear-thinker, and though he is highly disorganized, he almost always finds the perfect solution. Tré thinks Matthew is probably broken.

If you see something on here you like, or if you’d like to work with us, grab coffee, or get a solid high-five, drop a line. We’ll get back to you just about as quickly as we can.

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